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Mean and Median Applet

Kady Schneiter (Utah State Univ.)

Kady Schneiter,

Utah State University

This applet consists of two windows, in the first (the investigate window), the user fills in a grid to create a distribution of numbers and to investigate the mean and median of the distribution.  The second window (the identify window) enables users to test their knowledge about the mean and the median.  In this window, the applet displays a hypothetical distribution and an unspecified marker.  The user determines whether the marker indicates the postion of the mean of the distribution, the median, both, or neither.   Two activities intended to facilitate using the applet to learn about the mean and median are provided.


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Kady Schneiter (Utah State Univ.), "Mean and Median Applet," Convergence (February 2010), DOI:10.4169/loci003204