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Mathingo (Math Bingo)

Sean Forman, Sylvia Forman

Sean Forman and
Sylvia Forman,

St. Joseph's University

If you want a fun way to review essential derivative and integration rules in your calculus classroom, try playing a game of Math Bingo from   The software uses WWW technology (no plug-ins required!) to build a set of cards consisting of mathematical expressions for your students and a list of derivative or integral problems for your "call sheet."  You call, "Differentiate x^2" and those students with "2x" on their card place a maker on that square.

The authors have provided an easy interface for you to specify exactly what type of problems, how many cards, and more, so this customizable game can be used at many different points throughout a calculus course.

Intended audience

Instructors of calculus

System requirements

Any web browser and the ability to print the cards

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Sean Forman, Sylvia Forman, "Mathingo (Math Bingo)," Convergence (July 2010)