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Linear Transformations of Points

Marc Renault (Shippensburg Univ.)

This interactive Geogebra applet allows exploration of a linear transformation in terms of images of a set of points.  The Geogebra interface allows dragging of points and vectors to make for versatile explorations of basic linear algebra ideas. Suggested activities and exercises using the tool are included on the applet page and separately for easy printing.

Marc Renault

Shippensburg University

Geogebra is an open source exploration/development tool that allows the creation of applets using a Java-based "player" understood by most browsers.  If you have difficulty loading the applet, see for more information on the system/browser/java requirements for viewing Geogebra applications.



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Marc Renault (Shippensburg Univ.), "Linear Transformations of Points," Convergence (February 2010), DOI:10.4169/loci003299