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Java Food Web

John Jungck, Vince Streif

From the Biological ESTEEM Collection

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More than 100 food web matrices (multiple predators/prey Excel worksheets) are included with the javaFOODWEB tool. The predator-prey matrices are converted to symmetrical predator matrices in order to investigate the competition for resources. After manipulating these transformed matrices, the patterns within the community ecology of niche-spaces and trophic hierarchies are visualized.

Go to the javaFOODWEB module  in a separate window

Editor's notes:

On the ESTEEM module page, you will see three zipped folders to download. Please read the following notes about these folders before continuing to that page.

  • The folder contains four files, one of which is the executable jar file javaFoodweb. Double-clicking this file launches the javaFOODWEB tool.
  • The folder contains the Excel worksheets with the "food web matrices" defined.  IMPORTANT!! These files must be opened in Excel and saved as comma delimited text (.csv) before they can be used by the javaFoodweb tool.
  • The folder contains Java source code and is intended for developers instead of casual users.

John Jungck, Vince Streif, "Java Food Web," Convergence (December 2006)