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Flash Tools for Developers: Matching Formulas to Data - Getting the files

Doug Ensley, Barbara Kaskosz

Download the 23-page match_guide.pdf for detailed instructions for customizing the two templates.

Download the file and unzip it in to your computer. You will see the match_formula folder which contains all the files related to this article:

  • The folder edu contains all the necessary ActionScript classes in a nested sequence of folders.Note that for Flash to be able to find the classes, the folder edu must reside in the same folder as the template you are working on.
  • The two source files for the templates that will be discussed are match_template1.fla and match_template2.fla.
  • The files match_template1.html and match_template2.html (along with the corresponding swf files) allow you to try out the templates on which the guide is based.

Working right from the folder match_formula, you can open one of the two .fla files in Flash 8 Professional and begin customizing the application to your liking. If you prefer a clean working environment, create a new folder but be sure to include the edu folder alongside your programs that are to use these classes.

Doug Ensley, Barbara Kaskosz, "Flash Tools for Developers: Matching Formulas to Data - Getting the files," Convergence (October 2006)