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Flash CS3 Mathlet: Motion in 3D Space

Barbara Kaskosz and Doug Ensley

Barbara Kaskosz, University of Rhode Island
Doug Ensley, Shippensburg University

This Flash Forum article provides examples and Flash CS3 source code for plotting a parametrically defined curve in space and tracing velocity and acceleration components as arrows on the graph. Any functions can be entered by the user and the applet also contains a series of interesting examples for teaching.  The full Flash source file is available in the compressed folder,  You must have the Flash CS3 authoring environment installed on your computer to view or edit the source files.

Note that you will need to have the free Flash 9 player plugin installed on your machine to properly view the material linked below.

Open Motion in 3D Space  in a new window

Barbara Kaskosz and Doug Ensley, "Flash CS3 Mathlet: Motion in 3D Space," Convergence (February 2008)