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Exploring Geometric Transformations in a Dynamic Environment

Cheryll E. Crowe (Eastern Kentucky University)

These GeoGebra applets with accompanying activities allow exploration of four geometric transformations taught in middle and high school level geometry classes. The design of the applets provides flexibility of content and grade level with hidden elements that can be revealed to create additional topics for investigating reflections, rotations, translations, and glide-reflections. Suggested activities and exercises are included but can be altered or omitted to accommodate various levels of mathematical understanding. The interactive sketches were initially created for use with pre-service teachers in content mathematics education courses at the university level but can also be adapted for middle and high school students.

GeoGebra is an open source exploration/development tool that allows the creation of applets using a Java-based "player" understood by most browsers. If you have difficulty loading the applet, see for more information on the system/browser/java requirements for viewing GeoGebra applications.

Cheryll E. Crowe (Eastern Kentucky University), "Exploring Geometric Transformations in a Dynamic Environment," Convergence (June 2010), DOI:10.4169/loci003506