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DeFinetti 1.0

Tony Weisstein, John Jungck, Tia Johnson, Ed Louis

From the Biological ESTEEM collection

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This Excel workbook simulates evolution of a single gene with three alleles. The user assigns fitness values to each of the six possible genotypes, then enters starting allele frequencies for each of up to 22 individual populations. The program tracks each population through 100 generations and plots the results in a ternary graph. Additional output includes a 3D adaptive landscape and a time plot of local populations' mean fitness, genetic variance in fitness, and expected heterozygosity. Note that this spreadsheet is a 2 MB file. 

Editor's note:

See the documentation (in .pdf format) provided on the module site for instructions on using the downloaded worksheets.

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Tony Weisstein, John Jungck, Tia Johnson, Ed Louis, "DeFinetti 1.0," Convergence (December 2006)