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Biological ESTEEM Biometrics Category

BioQuest Curriculum Consortium

From the Biological ESTEEM Collection

Featuring the Biometrics Category

BioBayes. This Excel workbook and documentation lead the user through several different methodologies for applying Bayesian probabilities to real life examples and problems.

Biostatistical Tools A collection of workbooks for linear regression, polynomial fit, and chi-square analysis to test whether a data set is in Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium.

Database Construction and Sampling. The construction of three simple databases using a spreadsheet is described here and basic summary statistics are provided for each.

Fractal Fern Generator. This Excel workbook creates graphical images of a certain type of fractals that can be constructed by linear transformations.

PopTools. This downloadable Windows program allows the construction, analysis, and simulation of complex models in a simple spreadsheet format.

BioQuest Curriculum Consortium, "Biological ESTEEM Biometrics Category," Convergence (December 2006)