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Writing an Interactive Mathematics Text

Eugene A Herman, Michael D. Pepe

Author Information

  • Michael D. Pepe
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Seattle Central Community College
  • 1701 Broadway
  • Seattle, WA 98122 USA


  • interactive mathematics text
  • linear algebra
  • Maple
  • Mathematica


In this article, we explain what we mean by an "interactive mathematics text"; we describe its goals, contents, and pedagogical methods; and we explain the thinking that went into the many decisions we made in writing Visual Linear Algebra, an interactive text for the introductory course in linear algebra.


This article has several video tutorials in Flash format; you will need the Flash plug-in to view these videos. The article also has several book fragments in PDF format; you will need a PDF plug-in to view these files. However, the videos and the PDF fragments are not essential for the main exposition in the article.

Publication Data

Published June 2007; article ID 1556. Copyright © 2007 by Eugene A. Herman and Michael D. Pepe

Article Link

Eugene A Herman, Michael D. Pepe, "Writing an Interactive Mathematics Text," Convergence (June 2007)