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WIMS: An Interactive Mathematics Server

Xiao Gang

We describe in this paper the WWW Interactive Mathematics Server (WIMS), designed for supporting intensive mathematics work via the Internet with server-side interactivity, accessible at The following main features of the system are described:

  1. A modular design allowing applications and software interfaces to be created and maintained independently from each other.

  2. Existing interfaces for software packages, including Maxima, MuPAD, PARI/GP, Octave, Gnuplot, Povray, and Coq (proof assistant).

  3. Dynamic rendering of mathematical formulas and animated graphics.

  4. A structure of virtual classes, including mechanisms for automatic score gathering and processing.

In a future paper, we will discuss technical choices and details involved in the design of the system, including language design, session control, security measures, and anti-cheating mechanisms.

Xiao Gang  is in the Département de mathématiques at Université de Nice - Sophia Antipolis.


Published January, 2001

Xiao Gang, "WIMS: An Interactive Mathematics Server," Convergence (August 2004)