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We Have a New Editor!


The Mathematical Association of America has named Kyle Siegrist as the new Editor of JOMA.  Kyle will serve as Editor-Elect from now through December 2005 and as Editor for the three years 2006-2008.  We thank the Search Committee, chaired by Daniel Maki of Indiana University, for its hard work and dedication to finding the best person for the job.

Kyle Siegrist received his undergraduate and graduate education at Georgia Tech, earning a PhD in 1979.  Kyle's main areas of mathematical interest are probability and stochastic processes, particularly probability models on discrete and algebraic structures. Kyle is professor of mathematics at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. He has been at UAH since 1980, and is just finishing a term as Chair of Mathematical Sciences.  He is the author of approximately 30 journal articles and has directed three PhD students.

Kyle has had a long and active involvement in computer-aided expository mathematics, dating back to the MAA Interactive Mathematics Text Project (1993-1995).  He is the author of Interactive Probability, a book and software package published by Duxbury Press (1996), and he is the principal developer of Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics, a web-based set of course materials that has been supported by two NSF grants.  (See the related article at the left.)

"We Have a New Editor!," Convergence (May 2005)