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The Connected Curriculum Project - Sample Syllabi for Courses Taught with CCP Materials

David Smith and Lang Moore

To illustrate how CCP modules can fit into a conventional course as weekly activities, we include here the syllabi from two recent courses. (Each will open in a new window -- close that window to return here.)

Multivariable Calculus, Fall 2001

Engineering Mathematics II, Spring 2001

We and our colleagues have taught many courses using the CCP materials. From the table below, you may link to our course homepages, from which you will find textbook choices, course outlines, homework assignments, grading schemes, and other information on courses involving the CCP materials. Some of these courses have been taught multiple times over the past four years. Only the most recent home page for each course is linked in the table.

The more recent course pages are in Blackboard, which will ask for a login. You can log into any Blackboard course page as guest with password guest and see everything except the student-specific areas.

Editor's note, 12/6/04: Duke University has made the Blackboard pages inaccessible to guests. The remaining links are to personal course pages constructed in the 1998-99 academic year or earlier. These pages include weekly plans that illustrate the context in which the CCP modules were used.

Links to Home Pages for Courses using CCP Modules

Lang Moore

David Smith

  • Multivariable Calculus
  • Engineering Mathematics I
  • Engineering Mathematics II

David Smith and Lang Moore, "The Connected Curriculum Project - Sample Syllabi for Courses Taught with CCP Materials," Convergence (January 2005)