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Mathematical Thinking through Web Programming - Conclusion

Dennis DeTurck

This article illustrates the use of web programming in HTML and Javascript both to enliven a liberal arts mathematics course and to illustrate and exemplify mathematical thinking. Students’ reactions to doing this have generally been positive. Those who already knew something (even a lot) about web programming usually learn something from our look at various aspects of composing and writing programs. And even though many of those who had never tried programming of any kind cannot complete all of the programming assignments on their own, getting a glimpse of how these things "really work" is often their favorite part of the course. My favorite comment was an e-mail in which a student remarked, "One of my friends has been taking a web programming course, and I am always showing him how to do things!"

Dennis DeTurck, "Mathematical Thinking through Web Programming - Conclusion," Convergence (October 2004)