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Lite Applets - Summary and Resources

Frank Wattenberg, Bart Stewart, and Suzanne Alejandre

In closing, we repeat the three principles underlying the Lite Applet Collection:

  • Lite applets use parameters to enable a curriculum developer using HTML to control their appearance and functionality.

  • Lite applets can produce output in a form that is easily cut-and-pasted into a spreadsheet or a computer algebra system. A student can then use the spreadsheet or computer algebra system to analyze this output. This provides students with more power and creative control, and it helps them build general purpose skills.

  • By using Javascript and HTML forms (which are much easier than Java), together with applet parameters, curriculum developers can create highly interactive materials without knowing Java.

The Lite Applet Collection is open source. All the files used in this article, including the Java source code files, are freely available (see below). We invite you to submit your own lite applets and modules for consideration for inclusion in this collection. We expect to add new lite applets and new modules using those applets to the collection regularly.

The Lite Applet Collection  page describes all the applets currently in the collection and includes links to all the associated resources. For your convenience, we include here links to individual resource items mentioned in this article, as well as to other modules that have been based on the Image_and_Cursor applet and other resources related to this applet.


Frank Wattenberg, Bart Stewart, and Suzanne Alejandre, "Lite Applets - Summary and Resources," Convergence (December 2004)