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Group Visualization with Group Explorer - Conclusion

Nathan Carter and Brad Emmons

Group Explorer can be used to demonstrate a variety of topics in group theory. We have just seen how to visualize normal subgroups and quotient groups. But Cayley diagrams can be used for much more. We briefly mentioned how to see the difference between abelian and non-abelian groups, or between cyclic and non-cyclic groups. Although we did not introduce the Permutation View, you can use it to study topics such as the left-regular representation of elements of a group. For more ideas, see the partial list of assignment and lesson ideas on the homework assignment page (Link is obsolete, ed. 2014) on the Group Explorer Web site. Contact one of us to include your own ideas on the Web site.

Nathan Carter and Brad Emmons, "Group Visualization with [i]Group Explorer[/i] - Conclusion," Convergence (December 2005)