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Exploring the Goodness of Fit in Linear Models - References and Resources

Scott A. Sinex

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Additional resources

Scatter Excel spreadsheet, used on pages 3-8

Constructing an Interactive Excel Spreadsheet tutorial from Sinex (2004), referenced on page 2 (accessed 18 March 2005)

Sample student activity  using the Scatter spreadsheet -- see page 3 (accessed 18 March 2005)

Beer's Law Simulator, referenced on page 10 (accessed 18 March 2005)

QELP data sets, Quantitative Environmental Learning Project -- see also Langkamp and Hull (2003) and pages 1 and 11 (accessed 18 March 2005)

Leverage Effect in Regression , downloadable Java simulation, #2003 in Lohninger et al. (undated), referenced on page 5 (accessed 18 March 2005)

Putting Points Java applet, Department of Statistics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, referenced on page 5 (accessed 18 March 2005)

Grubbs' Test, online calculator for outlier detection, Graphpad Software QuickCalcs  -- see also Motulsky (2002) and page 9 (accessed 18 March 2005)

Detecting Outliers with Grubbs' Test, interactive Excel spreadsheet to accompany Motulsky (2002), Graphpad Software -- see page 9 (accessed 18 March 2005)

Scott A. Sinex, "Exploring the Goodness of Fit in Linear Models - References and Resources," Convergence (March 2005)