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Editor's Notes, December, 2004

David A. Smith

It has taken a whole year, but our transition to the "new JOMA" -- housed (along with the rest of MathDL) at MAA -- is complete!

The first half of the year was spent, with the help of designers and software engineers at Lucidea, in creating the new MathDL site and the content management system (CMS) behind it.  Once we were able to start uploading content to the new system, we were faced with a rather large task of converting all of the archived content from volumes 1 through 3 -- at the same time as we were adding content for volume 4.

But it's done now, and you can find everything that has ever been published in JOMA by using our search tools (look to the left and up a little) or by going back to the home page, clicking on the Archive link, and using Tables of Contents.

I'm going to let the contents speak for themselves -- but you may want to review my notes from two months ago.  Please note also that all of our items have a "discuss this article" feature that you can access from every page.  Your thoughts will be helpful to other readers, as well as to the authors and editors.  Let's hear from you!

Thanks are in order to all who have supported us through the birth and infancy of JOMA: our readers, our authors, our referees, our editors, as well as MAANSF, and especially Math Forum, our host for our first three years.

David A. Smith, "Editor's Notes, December, 2004," Convergence (December 2004)