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DRILL 3.1 - Other Systems

Vadim Ponomarenko


The need for a third paradigm has been well-established, and consequently there has been tremendous growth in the development of online mathematics education delivery systems. For example, there are for-profit systems

Some of these have similar objectives, some are more modest -- not offering on-the-fly question generation, for instance -- while others are more ambitious, e.g., attempting to satisfy pedagogical goals other than Competence.

We are also aware of several free systems of this general nature:

Editor's note, 12/16/04: Links to three of these are broken and have been removed.

While these systems have many excellent features, they are all difficult for the instructor to use. To use any of these systems, one would have to be familiar with several of: HTML, DHTML, cgi scripts, LaTeX, Perl, UNIX, and an assortment of custom languages and language extensions. This obstacle may prevent some instructors from adopting an otherwise outstanding and worthwhile package.

Vadim Ponomarenko, "DRILL 3.1 - Other Systems," Convergence (December 2004)