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Constructing Mathlets Quickly using LiveGraphics3D - References and Resources

Jonathan Rogness and Martin Kraus


The following files are available for download as part of this article.

  • You can download HTML and data files for all of the mathlets in this article. The archives also include a copy of live.jar, the Java archive necessary to view them.
  • MathletsWithLiveGraphics3D.nb, a Mathematica notebook containing the code to create the LiveGraphics3D input files which appear in this article. If you do not have Mathematica, you can view this notebook using the free MathReader tool (
  • live.jar, the Java archive used to display all of the mathlets in this article. It contains version 1.90 of LiveGraphics3D. You can also check the LiveGraphics3D Homepage (Kraus) to see if a more recent version has been released.

If Mathematica is available on your computer, you may be interested in a package developed at the University of Minnesota which allows LiveGraphics3D to run from within Mathematica. Standard Mathematica commands like   and   are supplemented by   and  , which automatically display 3D plots, parametrized graphics, and animations using LiveGraphics3D. Contact us for details.


Jonathan Rogness and Martin Kraus, "Constructing Mathlets Quickly using LiveGraphics3D - References and Resources," Convergence (May 2006)