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A Timeline for a Job Search in Mathematics - Resources

Cameron Sawyer

Remember to revisit Thomas Rishel's article at each stage of the process.


Keep in mind that the employment situation has improved since many of these articles were written.

  1. For information on the entire process:
    1. Annalisa Crannell, Applying for Jobs: Advice from the Front.
    2. Jonathan A. Dantzig, LANDING AN ACADEMIC JOB: The process and the pitfalls (written from a Engineering Departments point of view, but it has useful information about what to expect and what to wear among other things).
    3. Steve Hurder, Tips on How to Get a Job (from the Employment Resource Guide of the Math Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago).
    4. Darren Narayan, The Academic Job Search in Mathematics - An Applicant's Perspective (this is the most recent account).
    5. has links to articles on every stage of the process including the Two-Body Problem.
    6. Kim Schneider and Frank Demeyer, Memoir of a Job Search (a personal account of the ups and downs of the process).
  1. For information of interviewing:
    1. Thomas Hull, Michael A. Jones, and Diana M. Thomas, Interviewing for a Job in Academia.
    2. Navah Langmeyer, From Both Sides of the Employment Register Table.
  1. For information on particular types of institutions:
    1. Frank Demeyer, Finding Employment in a Ph.D. Granting Institution.
    2. Malcolm Campbell, How to Get a Teaching Job at a Primarily Undergraduate Institution, (written by a biologist at Davidson College, but it is still useful for mathematicians).
    3. Ronald M. Davis, Teaching at a Two-Year College--Is It For You?.

Thanks to Carl Cowen, Bill Cunningham, Aimee Ellington, Jeff Hildebrand, David Pike, Laura Taalman, and the referee for their suggestions.

Cameron Sawyer, "A Timeline for a Job Search in Mathematics - Resources," Convergence (November 2004)