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How to Submit an Article to Loci


The prefered method of submission is for the author to post the materials (typically HTML or XHTML with embedded content, such as images, scripts, applets, MathML, or SVG) on an unrestricted web site, and then contact the Editors by e-mail. The e-mail message should contain the following items:

  • the title of the article
  • the URL address of the article
  • a brief description of the article
  • the name, e-mail address, and affiliation of the author.

It is the author's responsibility to notify the Editors of changes to the original URL. Alternately, submissions may be made in PDF, TEX, Word, or other similar format. This method for submitting may be particularly appropriate for articles intended for publication in Loci: Convergence, but would be inappropriate for items intended for Loci: Resources. To use this method, contact the Editors by e-mail, with the article and any necessary ancillary documents included with the e-mail as MIME attachments. In these cases the illustrations and interactive materials must be submitted as separate files, with indications in the main article as to where these should be placed. (Illustrations should be submitted in JPG format.) You may also package the article and ancillary documents in a compressed archive file (ZIP, BZ2, TGZ, or JAR format) and include the archive as an attachment. All submissions will be acknowledged before being circulated for review.

Once a submission has been accepted for publication, the author(s) will be asked to submit final files for upload to the Loci site. (In rare cases, it may be acceptable to provide a stable external URL for the material, but links using such URL's will be given special annotation in Loci.) The author(s) will be asked to complete the standard MAA Consent to Publish or Copyright Release form.

Before preparing or submitting an article, please read the Guidelines for Loci Authors. Items submitted for Loci: Resources should read the Special Instructions for Authors of Resources. You may contact the Editors with submissions of new material or questions about the process by following the e-mail links in the Editorial Board list. You should first contact either the Editor or one of the Associate Editors for the Loci Area appropriate to your article.

Send physical mail to

Loci Editors
c/o Thomas E. Leathrum
MCIS Dept.
Jacksonville State Univ.
700 Pelham Road North
Jacksonville AL 36265.

"How to Submit an Article to Loci," Convergence (February 2009)