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Developer Tools

This collection of articles includes items from the JOMA Archives (and will include more recent articles when they become available) about various tools for developers of interactive online mathematics content, especially applets. (Many Flash-based tools are available in the Flash Forum.)

Java-Based Tools

These tools are built in Java, but do not require any knowledge of Java.

Java Libraries and API's

These tools are built for use within a Java programming environment.

  • The Probability and Statistics Object Library
    by Kyle Siegrist
    A library of Java object classes and API's for building interactive demonstrations in probability and statistics.
  • A Math Toolkit for Java Developers
    by Joe Yanik
    A collection of Java object classes and "beans" for building applets with general mathematical and graphical content.
  • Constructing Mathlets Using JavaMath
    by Alan Cooper, Stephen A. Linton, and Andrew Solomon
    A set of Java API's for using the JavaMath "servlet" technology to develop interactive mathematics content for Web pages by using common expression formats such as Maple.

Other Tools

These tools use platforms other than Java or Flash.

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