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Some Original Sources for Modern Tales of Thales - Conclusion and References

Michael Molinsky (University of Maine at Farmington)


While this article has discussed a few of the most common stories involving Thales that appear in modern sources, it has by no means covered them all.  Readers are encouraged to perform their own explorations, tracing modern statements about Thales (or any other mathematicians of interest, for that matter) back to their original sources.  Listed below as references are some useful resources on Thales, many of which include both the original Greek or Latin texts as well as English translations.  The growth of digital libraries means it has never been easier to gain access to historically important works.  Finally, always remember:  Reading is Fundamental!


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Michael Molinsky (University of Maine at Farmington), "Some Original Sources for Modern Tales of Thales - Conclusion and References," Convergence (November 2015)