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Nexus 2008


Nexus 2008: Relationships between Architecture and Mathematics
Point Loma Nazarene University
San Diego, CA
June 23-26, 2008

The Nexus conferences are international conferences dedicated to explorations of the relationships between architecture and mathematics, through a broad panorama of topics, many of them historical.  In the past, these topics have included: symmetry in architecture, projective and descriptive geometry, soap bubbles and minimum surfaces, systems of proportions, geometry and urban design, the development of structural forms, the use of arithmetical, geometrical, and harmonic means, calculations of domes and arches, linear algebra and geometric forms, music theory and architecture, fractals in architecture, etc. Presentations have also included discussions of the work of individual architects, such as Alberti, Palladio, Frank Lloyd Wright; historical periods, such as Roman, Incan and Renaissance; the application of particular branches of mathematics to architectural design, such as geometry and algebra.
Information about the conference is now online at the Nexus website.  Go to  Pages on the site show the schedule of speakers, give general information about Nexus conferences, provide a list of contacts in case you have questions, and feature a description of the conference logo designed by Sylvie Duvernoy.
It is also possible to register online by clicking on the link that takes you to the registration page on the site of Point Loma Nazarene University: This page also contains important information about hotels. The registration deadline is Friday, 13 June 2008.

We are also very pleased to announce a poster session, which will enliven and enrich the conference and provide space for those who are not presenting a paper to make their research known.  See for more details.

"Nexus 2008," Convergence (February 2008)