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Netscape Users


This site works best in Internet Explorer.  Netscape (and its variants)  "disallows" use of the symbol fonts used in some of the articles and generates gibberish in its place. There is however an easy way to force your Netscape browser to render things correctly.  You have to edit the "" file that exists on your hard drive (if you have Netscape installed). You basically change one line of text in that file from "encoding.symbol.ttf = Adobe-Symbol-Encoding" to "encoding.symbol.ttf =windows-1252" and close Netscape. Then, reopen Netscape and everything displays correctly. Further instructions (including the location of the file mentioned above) can be found at  This should work for Netscape versions 6 and 7 - anything older than that is a toss-up.

"Netscape Users," Convergence (May 2004)