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Multicultural Classroom Posters Sets 3 & 4

Vincent Corrado, reviewer

Multicultural Classroom Posters  (Set 3: Russia, Korea, United States, Egypt; Set 4: Ireland, Aztecs, Babylonia, Inca). Each set of four posters (24.5” by 37”) costs $36.95 or posters can be purchased separately at $10.95 each. Key Curriculum Press, 1150 65th Street, Emeryville, CA 94608. (800)-995-Math or

At the beginning of the school year I obtained these two sets of posters. I strategically placed them around my classroom. The posters reflect on the history of mathematics from different cultures around the world. They consider mathematical accomplishments associated with the cultures of Babylon, Egypt, Incas, Aztecs, Korea, Russia, Ireland, and the United States. Brightly colored and illustrated with appropriate designs or pictures representing the culture in question, they make an attractive display.

When my students first entered class I watched closely for their reaction to this display. Without fail, the posters sparked their interest. Since one of my assigned projects for class is to research significant historical figures in mathematics, this was a perfect way to get them to start their project. As a result, these posters have improved the classroom environment and added a sense of history to mathematics.

In conclusion, these posters are wonderful. The one drawback is their price. Most teachers would probably find the cost difficult to justify as an out of pocket classroom expense. If the school is willing to pick up the expense involved, it might be worthwhile to have these posters adorn the walls of the mathematics classroom. 


Vincent Corrado, Bishop McDevitt High School, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 



Vincent Corrado, reviewer, "Multicultural Classroom Posters Sets 3 & 4," Convergence (July 2007)