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Mathematical Treasures: The Linda Hall Library

The Linda Hall Library, an independent research library specializing in engineering, science, and technology located in Kansas City, Missouri, has a History of Science Collection containing over 10,000 books printed between the 15th century and the present. Many of these volumes relate to mathematics, including over 75 complete works available from the LHL Digital Collections. See the article by Cynthia J. Huffman, "Mathematical Treasures at the Linda Hall Library." Convergence's Mathematical Treasures feature images from a number of these great books; see the listing below.

These images may be downloaded and used for the purposes of research, teaching, and private study, provided the Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering & Technology is credited as the source. For other uses, check out the LHL Image Rights and Reproductions policy.

Mathematical Treasures from the Linda Hall Library

"Mathematical Treasures: The Linda Hall Library," Convergence (January 2017)

Mathematical Treasures: The Linda Hall Library