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Math Pages

Laura Smith, reviewer

The url of this comprehensive website is

This website addresses most advanced mathematics topics.   They include combinatorics, probability and statistics, number theory, geometry, calculus and differential equations, and of course, the history of mathematics. 

The history link, like the others, is essentially a reader.  This site is good for students or lecturers seeking additional information on a specific topic.  There are few links to other sites.  Some of the discussions contain sketchy proofs, which may be helpful to the reader.  While the text itself of the articles is interesting, the font used in most articles is not easy to read and detracts the reader’s attention.

Some of the approximately 90 topics included in the history link are “The Thought of a Thought--Edgar Allen Poe,” “Galileo’s Anagrams,” “The Ten Means of Ancient Greece,” “Accidental Melodies,” and “Constructing the Heptadecagon.”   “Adam’s Gold” is an interesting account of the relationship between Carl Friedrick Gauss and his son, Eugene.  It is more about Eugene Gauss than his father.  “Franklin ’s Magic Squares” shows that magic squares are not a recent invention or discovery.

The articles are interesting and if the reader becomes accustomed to the font employed much can be learned from this site. It is a good source of information on the history of mathematics.

Laura Smith, Department of Mathematics, North Carolina Central University


Laura Smith, reviewer, "Math Pages," Convergence (July 2007)