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Kepler and the Rhombic Dodecahedron: Acknowledgements and About the Author

Roberto Cardil (matematicasVisuales)



I would like to thank Amy Ackerberg-Hastings and Janet Heine Barnett, Convergence editors, for their support, encouragement, and good advice. Without their help this article would not have been published.

I thank the anonymous referees for suggestions that improved the article.

I am grateful to John Jeremiah Edminster for granting permission to use their designs of a rhombic box and a bee cell box and to Cory Poole for allowing use of his photo of Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion World model. I am also grateful to Akal Editorial for granting permission for the use of images from Pacioli's book La Divina Proporción.

Miguel Cardil helped me with the artistic design of the pages.

About the Author

Roberto Cardil Ricol is a secondary school teacher of mathematics in Spain. He completed his teacher training at Huesca University, Spain, and holds Bachelor degrees in both History (Barcelona University, Spain) and Mathematics (Zaragoza University, Spain). He has taught mathematics to students ranging from 6 years old to the university level. He maintains the site and enjoys the beauty of mathematics.

Roberto Cardil (matematicasVisuales), "Kepler and the Rhombic Dodecahedron: Acknowledgements and About the Author," Convergence (March 2022)