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From the Editors

Victor J. Katz and Frank Swetz

Convergence now has been online for two years. Its reception has been good, reviews excellent, and its audience is growing. A recent evaluation of viewers’ comments indicates that most are pleased with the information they obtain from the website. In particular, viewers enjoy the scope of articles and find the  variety of historical problems useful for teaching. However, the need for more downloadable interactive materials and more specific suggestions for classroom teaching was noted. We agree!  But the editors do not write these ourselves. We need and want your contributions. We must also mention, that the two editors comprise the complete staff of Convergence. There are no secretaries or assistants. We solicit articles and materials for presentation, edit them and place them on the web site. There is another resource for developing and expanding Convergence that, unfortunately, is not active. This is the audience, you! Most articles in Convergence have a discussion option attached, one that we hoped would be used. It is intended to be a source of interaction and further information whereby viewers can share their comments and experience. It is with such a sharing that ideas and suggestions for classroom use will be accumulated. Please use this input and provide Convergence and your colleagues with ideas and comments and actively help our magazine improve. (For information on submissions, click here.)

Victor and  Frank 


Victor J. Katz and Frank Swetz, "From the Editors," Convergence (October 2006)