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Cuisenaire Art: Modeling Figurate Numbers and Gnomonic Structures - Summary and References

Günhan Caglayan (New Jersey City University)


We summarize the figurate numbers explored in the module along with their interrelationships modeled throughout the exploration (see Tables 1-2).

Notation Figurate Number Gnomonic Formula
\(T_n\) \(n\)th triangular number \(T_n=1+2+3+\cdots+n\)
\(O_n\) \(n\)th oblong number \(O_n=2+4+6+\cdots+2n\)
\(S_n\) \(n\)th square number \(S_n=1+3+5+\cdots+(2n-1)\)
\(P_n\) \(n\)th pentagonal number \(P_n=1+4+7+\cdots+(3n-2)\)
\(H_n\) \(n\)th hexagonal number \(H_n=1+5+9+\cdots+(4n-3)\)

Table 1: Figurate number notations and gnomonic formulas


Notation Explicit Formula in \(n\) Relations to Other Figurate Numbers
\(T_n\) \(T_n=\frac{n(n+1)}{2}\) \(T_n=T_{n-1} + n\)
\(O_n\) \(O_n= {n(n+1)}\)



\(S_n\) \(S_n=n^2\)

\(S_n= T_{n-1}+ T_n\)  


\(P_n\) \(P_n=\frac{n(3n-1)}{2}\)

\(P_n=S_n + T_{n-1}\)  

\(P_n= n+ O_{n-1}+ T_{n-1}\)

\(P_n=n+ 3T_{n-1}\) 

\(P_n= T_n+ O_{n-1}\)

\(H_n\) \(H_n={n(2n-1)}\)

\(H_n=P_n + T_{n-1}\) 

\(H_n=S_n+ 2T_{n-1}\)  

\(H_n= S_n+ O_{n-1}\) 

\(H_n=T_n+ 3T_{n-1}\)  

\(H_n= n+ 4T_{n-1}\) 

\(H_n= n+2O_{n-1}\)  

\(H_n= T_{2n-1}\)

Table 2: Figurate number formulas and relationships


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Günhan Caglayan (New Jersey City University), "Cuisenaire Art: Modeling Figurate Numbers and Gnomonic Structures - Summary and References," Convergence (June 2018)