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Crossword Puzzle: Here's Looking at Euclid

Sid Kolpas (Delaware County Community College) and Stu Ockman

Try your hand at a crossword puzzle with a history of mathematics theme. Use the following links to download the puzzle and, if you wish, its solution:

Here's Looking at Euclid Crossword Puzzle

Here's Looking at Euclid Crossword Puzzle Solution

Editors' Note

When longtime Glendale Community College mathematics professor Sid Kolpas moved from Southern California to Eastern Pennsylvania a few years ago, he learned that one of his new neighbors, Stu Ockman, was not only a fellow crossword puzzle enthusiast, but also a professional crossword puzzle constructor. Sid and Stu soon began work on the puzzle, "Mathematicians from A to Z," presented in Convergence in January of 2017.  The pair's second puzzle, "Mathematical Potpourri," appeared in both Convergence and Math Horizons in February 2018.

We are pleased to now present Kolpas and Ockman's third puzzle, "Here's Looking at Euclid."

This puzzle also appears on page 2 of the September 2019 issue of Math Horizons (Volume 27, Issue 1). Math Horizons is the vibrant, fun, and accessible MAA magazine for students, educators, practitioners, and enthusiasts of mathematics. If you are not already a subscriber, we urge you to visit the Math Horizons website to learn how to sign up for a personal or departmental subscription (or both). We thank Math Horizons editor David Richeson for his editorial and production assistance.

About the Authors

Sid Kolpas has a BA and MS in mathematics and an EdD in mathematics curriculum and instruction. He is an assistant professor of mathematics at Delaware County Community College in Media, Pennsylvania.

Stu Ockman is president of Ockman & Borden Associates, management consultants to the construction industry. His crosswords have appeared in the Jerusalem Post, Los Angeles Times, and New York Times.

Sid Kolpas (Delaware County Community College) and Stu Ockman, "Crossword Puzzle: Here's Looking at Euclid," Convergence (September 2019), DOI:10.4169/Convergence20190901