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Connecting History to the Mathematics Classroom

Submissions to Convergence are required to further the journal’s mission of using the history of mathematics to teach mathematics in undergraduate institutions and schools (specifically, for mathematical subjects in the K–16 curriculum, with a particular emphasis on topics studied in grades 8–14). Although Convergence authors often share materials that they have employed in their own classrooms, the editors recognize that pre-submission field testing is not always possible. Thus, some submitters may need help articulating potential classroom applications for the historical concepts addressed in their articles. Although the realm of possible classroom connections is infinite, the list below offers several of the most common ways in which Convergence articles bring together the history of mathematics and the teaching of mathematics, along with examples of how these connections were realized in existing publications. Again, a submission to Convergence must include a well-defined discussion of when, where, and how the historical content of the article can be used in a practical way in the mathematics classroom.

Some possible approaches to classroom applications:

For additional examples of classroom connections, see Convergence’s Classroom Resources Index.

"Connecting History to the Mathematics Classroom," Convergence (September 2023)