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Classroom Resources Index – Linear Algebra

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Analysis and Translation of Raffaele Rubini's 1857 'Application of the Theory of Determinants: Note', by Salvatore J. Petrilli, Jr., and Nicole Smolenski
A compendium of early determinant theory offered in defense of "analytic" mathematics, with suggestions for its use in pre-calculus and linear algebra courses.

Computing the Determinant Through the Looking Glass, by Maria Zack
A classroom-ready project from the collection of projects designed to help students learn specific concepts by studying primary historical sources presented in the article Primary Historical Sources in the Classroom: Discrete Mathematics and Computer Science.

The Root of the Matter: Approximating Roots with the Greeks, by Matthew Haines and Jody Sorensen
An overview of the geometric and matrix interpretations of the ancient method of Theon's Ladder for approximating roots. Includes a class activity that explores Theon's method and convergence via an interactive applet.

The Rule of Double False Position, by Randy K. Schwartz
One of four student-ready modules based on mathematics from medieval Islamic cultures presented in the article Combining Strands of Many Colors: Episodes from Medieval Islam for the Mathematics Classroom. Also available in a Business Calculus version.

Wronskians and Linear Independence: A Theorem Misunderstood by Many – A Mini-Primary Source Project for Students of Differential Equations, Linear Algebra and Others, by Adam Parker
One of a collection of student-ready modules based on primary historical sources presented in the article A Series of Mini-projects from TRIUMPHS: TRansforming Instruction in Undergraduate Mathematics via Primary Historical Sources.

Informative Background Articles

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Math Origins: Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues, by Erik Tou
An article from the Math Origins series in which the author explores how concepts, definitions, and theorems familiar to today's students of mathematics developed over time.

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