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An Ancient Egyptian Mathematical Photo Album: Conclusion

Cynthia J. Huffman (Pittsburg State University)


An introduction to ancient Egyptian mathematics, including the numeration system, benefits students. For example, by contrasting the Egyptian numeration system with the Hindu-Arabic system, pre-service teachers can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of our decimal place-value system. Unit fractions are a great example of the importance of notation. The purpose of this article was to provide photographs of genuine Egyptian hieroglyphic numerals to motivate students and to make the historical use of numerals more real for them. Images were found in Egyptian temples and museums around the world. We hope that readers will be inspired to be on the hunt for Egyptian numerals themselves as they travel and visit museums with ancient Egyptian collections.

Cynthia J. Huffman (Pittsburg State University), "An Ancient Egyptian Mathematical Photo Album: Conclusion," Convergence (April 2022)