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Agenda items

Janet L. Beery
Do we have funds for training for JB and KC, eg PREP?\cr Do we have funds to commission Flash or other programming? We discussed Tables of Contents for each section of Loci. Browse by Subject is helpful but an actual list of articles would be appealing, too. Choice oorder by date of posting or alpha by authors? Ask math historians to write "Convergence version" of their most recent (or any) articles and work. Convert items from CD for C:\Users\Victor\AppData\Local\Temp\080080112-1.jpg? Convert article in recent HPM Newsletter for Convergence? When will the Sums of Powers article be posted? Can AC download the sums of powers article easily at this point in time? Will there be a Focus ad for the Convergence historical images?

Janet L. Beery, "Agenda items," Convergence (April 2009)