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Supplements to Articles in Mathematics Magazine

The College Mathematics Journal


For Kenneth Schilling's 'Derivative Sign Patterns in Two Dimensions" (March) Web Addendum (pdf).


For Timothy Jones' 'Euler's Identity, Leibniz Tables and the Irrationality of Pi' (November): End Notes (pdf)


For Stephen M. Walk's The Intermediate Value Theorem is NOT Obvious—and I AM Going to Prove It to You (September): Proofs Leading to the Intermediate Value Theorem (pdf)

For Michael A. Jones' Chutes and Ladders for the Impatient (January), MAPLE file.


For Richard Kreminski's, Taylor’s theorem: the elusive c is not so elusive (May):

Proofs of Theorems 2 and 3, plus other materials(pdf)

For Rick Mabry’s The Hardest Straight-in Pool Shot (January), proofs of all nine FACTS, written on napkins. Separate napkins (pdfs):

Facts 1-3
Fact 4
Fact 5
Fact 6
Fact 7
Fact 8
Fact 9

All the napkins in one wad: Facts 1-9


For Barry Cox and Stan Wagon’s Mechanical Circle-Squaring (September, pp 238-247), Mathematica generated simulations:

Geneva Drive Maltese Cross
Drilling a Square Hole
Drilling a Square Hole (Three Dimensions)
Drilling a Hexagonal Hole