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UK Success Stories in Industrial Mathematics

Philip J. Aston, Anthony J. Mulholland, and Katherine M. M. Tant, editors
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[Reviewed by
Charles Ashbacher
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Even veteran mathematicians will be impressed by the breadth of applications of mathematics included in this book. It is a conclusive item of evidence of how valuable a large set of applied mathematicians is to the modern industrial state. In fact they are essential to its continuance.

The papers are organized into eight parts:

  • Climate modeling
  • Environmental modeling
  • Engineering
  • Aerospace
  • Military and security
  • Technology
  • Health
  • Business and finance

There are three to five papers in each category.

Each of the papers is basically a summary. The best description is encapsulated in a sentence from the article called The Reduction of Sound from Aircraft Engines: “The previous section gives only the mathematical essence of the idea used.” In each case, however, there is enough to give the reader a fundamental understanding of the problem, the mathematics used to address the issues, and some of the basic results. Of course, there are a series of references at the end of each paper to point the interested reader in the right direction.

Even if the reader finds the mathematics being used in a specific problem difficult to understand, they can still enjoy looking through it. It warms the heart to know that one is part of such a valuable and essential element of the modern world. 

Charles Ashbacher splits his time between consulting with industry in projects involving math and computers, and teaching college classes. In his spare time, he reads about these things and helps his daughter in her lawn care business.

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