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Topics in Recreational Mathematics

Charles Ashbacher, editor
Charles Ashbacher
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Fernando Q. Gouvêa
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Charles Ashbacher was, for many years, the manuscripts and book reviews editor of the Journal of Recreational Mathematics. Recently, however, a change in publisher resulted in the decision no longer to publish that Journal. This book and its successors are Ashbacher's response. They are all published as e-books and available at

Topics in Recreational Mathematics:

The table of contents gives a good idea of what is in Volume 1. It's good to see the technology that allows e-books and "print on demand" being used for positive things!

Fernando Q. Gouvêa is Carter Professor of Mathematics at Colby College. He is the editor of MAA Reviews.


Introduction, by Charles Ashbacher

Image of Alice with Key, by Caytie Ribble

Does Bill James's Pythagorean Formula Apply to Basketball?, by Allen S. Jackson, Jamal R. Piper, James R. Jensen and Paul M. Sommers

Will Sochi Be the Last Games Featuring NHL Players?, by Kaelin A. Stone and Paul M. Sommers

Chart Statistics of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, by Paul Sommers

A Poisson Model for Hurricanes of the North Atlantic, by Paul Sommers

The Cost of Attending Professional Sports in the US, by Parker A. Hurst and Paul M. Sommers

A biLLies Puzzle, by Charles Ashbacher

Alphametics, contributed by Steven Kahan

Book Reviews, edited by Charles Ashbacher

Proposed Problems, contributed by Lamarr Widmer

Solutions to Alphametics, contributed by Steven Kahan

Image of the Mad Hatter Running, by Caytie Ribble

Math Meets Art and History, by Kate Jones

Neutrosophic Sets and Symptoms

Mathematical Spectrum