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The World of Mathematics, Vol. IV

James R. Newman
Dover Publications
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PART XVIII: The Mathematician
    G.H. Hardy: Commentary
    1. A Mathematician's Apology by G. H. HARDY
    The Elusiveness of Invention: Commentary
    2 Mathematical Creation by HENRI POINCARÉ
    The Use of a Top Hat as a Water Bucket: Commentary
    3 The Mathematician by John Von Neumann
  PART XIX: Mathematical Machines: Can a Machine Think?
    Automatic Computers: Commentary
    1. The General and Logical Theory of Automata by JOHN VON NEUMANN
    2. Can a Machine Think? By A. M. Turing
    3. A Chess-Playing Machine by CLAUDE SHANNON
  PART XX: Mathematics in Warfare
    Frederick William Lanchester: Commentary
    1. Mathematics in Warfare by FREDERICK WILLIAM LANCHESTER
    Operations Research: Commentary
    2. How to Hunt a Submarine by PHILLIP M. MORSE and GEORGE E. KIMBALL
  PART XXI: A Mathematical Theory of Art
    George David Birkhoff: Commentary
    1. Mathematics of Aesthetics by GEORGE DAVID BIRKHOFF
  PART XXII: Mathematics of the Good
  1. A Mathematical approach to Ethics by GEORGE DAVID BIRKHOFF
  PART XXIII: Mathematics in Literature
    The Island of Laputa: Commentary
    1. Cycloid Pudding by JOHNATHAN SWIFT
    Aldous Huxley: Commentary
    2. Young Archimedes by ALDOUS HUXLEY
    Mr. Fortune: Commentary
    3. Geometry in the South Pacific by SYLVIA TOWNSEND WARNER
    Statistics as a Literary Stimulus: Commentary
    4. Inflexible Logic by RUSSELL MALONEY
    5. The Law by ROBERT M. COATES
  PART XXIV: Mathematics and Music
    Sir James Jeans: Commentary
    1. Mathematics of Music by SIR JAMES JEANS
  PART XXV: Mathematics as a Culture Clue
    Oswald Spengler: Commentary
    1. Meaning of Numbers by OSWALD SPENGLER
    2. The Locus of Mathematical Reality: An Anthropological Footnote by LESLIE A. WHITE
  "PART XXVI: Amusements, Puzzles, Fancies"
    "Augustus De Morgan, and Estimable Man: Commentary"
    1. Assorted Paradoxes by AUGUSTUS DE MORGAN
    A Romance of Many Dimensions: Commentary
    2. Flatland by EDWIN A. ABBOTT
    Lewis Carroll: Commentary
    3. What the Tortoise Said to Achilles and Other Riddles by LEWIS CARROLL
    Continuity: Commentary
    4. The Lever of Mahomet by RICHARD COURANT and HERBERT ROBBINS
    Games and Puzzles: Commentary
    5. Pastimes of Past and Present Times by EDWARD KASNER and JANES R. NEWMAN
    6. Arithmetical Restorations by W. W. ROUSE BALL
    7. The Seven Seven's by W. E. H. BERWICK
    Thomas John l' Anson Bromwich: Commentary
    8. Easy Mathematics and Lawn Tennis by T. J. I'A. BROMWICH
    Stephen Butler Leacock: Commentary
    9. Mathematics for Golfers by STEPHEN LEACOCK
    10. Common Sense and the Universe by STEPHEN LEACOCK