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The World of Mathematics, Vol. III

James R. Newman
Dover Publications
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PART VIII: Statistics and the Design of Experiments
    An Ingenious Army Captain and a Generous and Many-sided Man: Commentary
    1. Foundations of Vital Statistics by JOHN GRAUNT
    2. First Life Insurance Tables by EDMUND HALLEY
    3. The Law of Large Numbers by JACOB BERNOULLI
    Statistics and the Lady with a Fine Palate: Commentary
    4. Sampling and Standard Error by L. C. Tippett
    5. On the Average and Scatter by M. J. MORONEY
    6. Mathematics of a Lady Tasting Tea by SIR RONALD. A FISHER
    The Scientific Aptitude of George Bernard Shaw: Commentary
    7. The Vice of Gambling and the Virtue of Insurance by GEORGE BERNARD SHAW
  PART IX: The Supreme Art of Abstraction: Group Theory
    Certain Important Abstractions: Commentary
    1. The Group Concept by CASSIUS J. KEYSER
    2. The Theory of Groups by SIR ARTHUR STANLEY EDDINGTON
  PART X: Mathematics of Infinity
  1. Mathematics and the Metaphysicians by BERTRAND RUSSELL
  Hans Han: Commentary
  2. Infinity by HANS HAHN
  PART XI: Mathematical Truth and the Structure of Mathematics
    The Foundations of Mathematics: Commentary
    1. On the Nature of Mathematical Truth by CARL G. HEMPEL
    2. Geometry and Empirical Science by CARL G. HEMPEL
    3. The Axiomatic Method by RAYMOND L. WILDER
    4. Goedel's Proof by ERNEST NAGEL AND JAMES R. NEWMAN
    5. A Mathematical Science by OSWALD VEBLEN and JOHN WESLEY YOUNG
    6. Mathematics and the World by DOUGLAS GASKING
    7 Mathematics Postulates and Human Understanding by RICHARD VON MISES
    An Eristic Controversy: Commentary
    1. The Study That Knows Nothing of Observation by JAMES JOSEPH SYLVESTER
    Charles Sanders Peirce: Commentary
    2. The Essence of Mathematics by CHARLES SANDERS PEIRCE
    Ernst Mach: Commentary
    3. The Economy of Science by ERNST MACH
    Norman Robet Campbell: Commentary
    4. Measurement by NORMAN CAMPBELL
    5. Numerical Laws and the Use of Mathematics in Science by NORMAN CAMPBELL
    Hermann Weyl: Commentary
    6. The Mathematical Way of Thinking by HERMANN WEYL
  PART XIII: Mathematics and Logic
    "Symbolic Logic, George Boole and a Horrible Dream: Commentary "
    1. Mathematical Analysis of Logic by GEORGE BOOLE
    2. History of Symbolic Logic by CLARENCE IRVING LEWIS and COOPER HAROLD LANGFORD
    3. "Symbolic Notation, Haddocks' Eyes and the Dog-Walking Ordinance by ERNEST NAGEL"
    4. Symbolic Logic by ALFRED TARSKI
  PART XIV: The Unreasonableness of Mathematics
    The Importance of Being Absurd: Commentary
    1. Paradox Lost and Paradox Regained by EDWARD KASNER AND JAMES R. NEWMAN
    2. The Crisis in Intuition by HANS HAHN
  PART XV: How to Solve It
    The Tears of Mathematics: Commentary
    1. How to Solve It by G. POLYA
  PART XVI: The Vocabulary of Mathemtics
    Double Infinite Rapport and Other Mathematical Jargon: Commentary
    1. New Names for Old by EDWARD KASNER AND JAMES R. NEWMAN
  PART XVII: Mathematics as an Art
    John William Navin Sullivan: Commentary 


1. Mathematics as an Art by JOHN WILLIAM NAVIN SULLIVAN