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The Mathematical Puzzles of Sam Loyd

Martin Gardner
Dover Publications
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The Basic Library List Committee considers this book essential for undergraduate mathematics libraries.

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Arithmetic and Algebraic Problems
Two Turkeys
Bixley to Quixley
Dickering at Manilla
What Was the Profit?
The Bargain Sale
The Cat and Dog Race
The Man with the Hoe
Trading Chickens
The Chess Playing Colonel
Uncle Sam's Fob Chain
The Eccentric Teacher
Tug O' War Puzzle
The Three Brides
A Problem in Diamonds and Rubies
Missing Numbers
The Mathematical Cop
The Time Problems
School of Sea Serpents
"Cow, Goat, and Goose"
Weighing the Baby
Multiplication and Addition
The Squarest Game on the Beach
The Saint Patrick's Day Parade
The Missing Pennies
Stamps for a Dollar
The Oracle Puzzle
The Yacht Race
The Battle of Hastings
Mixed Teas
False Weights
Grandfather's Problem
A Puzzling Mixture
The Stenographer's Salary
Tell Mother's Age
The Pistol Match
The Strange Building Loan Plan
The Bottle Problem
Count the Votes
The Dutchmen's Wives
Domestic Complications
The Crazy Clock of Zurich
How Old Will Smith Be?
Puzzling Scales
Heard at the Zoo
Annual Picnic
The Convent Problem
The Fighting Fishes of Siam
The Chinese Cash Puzzle
Butcher Boy
Probability and Game Theory Problems
Carnival Dice Game
Chickens in the Corn
The Great Pool Puzzle
Puzzleland Races
Lord Rosslyn's System
The Great Columbus Problem
The Golf Puzzle
The Boxer's Puzzle
The Potato Race Puzzle
The Mixed-up Hats
Operations Research Problems
The Four Elopements
The Necklace Puzzle
The Moonshiners of Puzzleland
The Quarrelsome Couples
The Hod Carrier's Problem
Primitive Railroading
The Merchant of Bagdad
Plane Geometry Problems
The New Star
The Grindstone Puzzle
The Hidden Star
The Gold Brick Puzzle
The Lily Problem
The Lake Puzzle
The Three Napkins
Free Acres
The Danish Flag Puzzle
Geometrical Dissection Problems
Good Luck
The Sedan Chair Puzzle
The Hoop-Snake Puzzle
The Red Cross Lassie Puzzle
Mrs. Pythagoras' Puzzle
The Joiner's Problem
The Pony Puzzle
The Battle of the Four Oaks
A Battle Royal
Puzzle of the Red Spade
The Patch Quilt Puzzle
The Guido Mosaics
The Smart Alec Puzzle
The Young Carpenter's Puzzle
The Moon Problem
The Gingerbread Dog
The Cheese Problem
The Chinese Puzzle
"Route, Tracing, and Topological Problems"
Bicycle Tour
In Ancient Greece
The Bridges of Konigsberg
Military Tactics
Going into Action
The Canals on Mars
Back from the Klondike
The Quarrelsome Neighbors
The Boxer's Puzzle
Heclai's Path
Alice in Wonderland
The Gordian Knot
Counter and Sliding Block Problems
Fore and Aft Puzzle
Martha's Vineyard
The 14-15 Puzzle
A Chinese Switch-Word Puzzle
After Dinner Tricks
Duck Shooting at Buzzard's Bay
Crows in the Corn
Solid Geometry Problems
The Plumber's Problem
The Old Beacon Tower
The Football Problem
Plato's Cubes
The Deadwood Express
The Cheese Problem