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The Legacy of Alladi Ramakrishnan in the Mathematical Sciences

Krishnaswami Alladi, John R. Klauder and Calyampudi R. Rao, editors
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- Preface
Part I. The Legacy of Alladi Ramakrishnan
- Contributions of Alladi Ramakrishnan to the Mathematical Sciences.
- Alladi Ramakrishnan's Theoretical Physics Seminar.
- Telegrams received for the MATSCIENCE inauguration.
- The miracle has happened, speech given by Alladi Ramakrishnan at the inauguration of MATSCIENCE.
- Overseas Trips of Alladi Ramakrishnan.
- List of publications of Alladi Ramakrishnan.
- List of PhD students of Alladi Ramakrishnan.
Part II. Pure Mathematics
- Inversion and invariance of characteristic terms - part I (Abhyankar).
- Partitions with non-repeating odd parts and q-hypergeometric identities (Alladi).
- q-Catalan identities (Andrews).
- Completing Brahmagupta's extension of Ptolemy's theorem (Askey).
- A transformation formula involving the gamma and Riemann zeta functions in Ramanujan's Lost Notebook (Berndt and Dixit).
- Ternary quadratic forms, modular equations, and certain positivity conjectures (Berkovich and Jagy).
- How often is n! a sum of three squares? (Deshouillers and Luca).- Crystal symmetry viewed as zeta symmetry - II (Kanemitsu and Tsukuda).
- Eulerian polynomials: From Euler’s time to the present (Foata).
- Crystal symmetry viewed as zeta symmetry II (Kanemitsu and Tsukada).
- Positive homogeneous minima for a system of linear forms (Raghavan).
- The divisor matrix, Dirichlet series, and SL(2,Z)(Sin and Thompson).
- Proof of a conjecture of Alladi Ramakrishnan on circulants (Waldschmidt).
Part III. Probability and Statistics
- Branching random walks (Athreya).
- A commentary on the logistic distribution (Ghosh, Choi, and Li).
- Entropy and cross entropy characterizations and applications (Rao).
- Optimal weights for a class of rank tests for censored bivariate data (Rao, Raychaudhuri, and Wu).
- Connections between Bernoulli strings and random permutations (Sethuraman and Sethuraman).
- Storage models for a class of master equations with separable kernels (Vittal, Jayasankar, and Muralidhar).
Part IV. Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics
- Inverse consistent deformable image registration (Chen and Ye).
- A statistical model for the quark structure of the nucleon (Devanathan and Karthiyayini).
- On generalized Clifford algebras and their physical applications (Jagannathan).
- (p,q)-Rogers-Szegö polynomial and the (p,q)-oscillator (Jagannathan and Sridhar).
- Rethinking renormalization (Klauder).
- Magnetism, FeS celluloids, and origins of life (Mitra-Delmotte and Mitra).
- The Ehrenfest theorem in quantum field theory (Parthasarathy).