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The Interaction of Analysis and Geometry

V. I. Burenkov, T. Iwaniec, and S. K. Vodopyanov, editors
American Mathematical Society
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Contemporary Mathematics 424
We do not plan to review this book.

  • I. D. Berg and I. G. Nikolaev -- On an extremal property of quadrilaterals in an Aleksandrov space of curvature $\leq K$
  • V. I. Burenkov, H. V. Guliyev, and V. S. Guliyev -- On boundedness of the fractional maximal operator from complementary Morrey-type spaces to Morrey-type spaces
  • V. N. Dubinin and D. B. Karp -- Generalized condensers and distortion theorems for conformal mappings of planar domains
  • M. L. Goldman -- Rearrangement invariant envelopes of generalized Besov, Sobolev, and Calderon spaces
  • T. Iwaniec -- Null Lagrangians, the art of integration by parts
  • M. Karmanova -- Geometric measure theory formulas on rectifiable metric spaces
  • A. P. Kopylov -- Stability and regularity of solutions to elliptic systems of partial differential equations
  • V. M. Miklyukov -- Removable singularities of differential forms and $A$-solutions
  • H. Murakami -- Various generalizations of the volume conjecture
  • P. Pedregal -- Gradient Young measures and applications to optimal design
  • H. M. Riemann -- Wavelets for the cochlea
  • Y. G. Reshetnyak -- Sobolev-type classes of mappings with values in metric spaces
  • L. Székelyhidi, Jr. -- Counterexamples to elliptic regularity and convex integration
  • S. K. Vodopyanov -- Geometry of Carnot-Carathéodory spaces and differentiability of mappings
  • S. K. Vodopyanov -- Foundations of the theory of mappings with bounded distortion on Carnot groups