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The Computing Dendrite

Hermann Cuntz, Michiel W. H. Remme and Benjamin Torben-Nielsen, editors
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Springer Series in Computational Neuroscience
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Part 1: Dendritic morphology.- The cell biology of dendrite differentiation.- Archetypes and outliers in the neuromorphological space.- Neuronal arborizations, spatial innervation and emergent network connectivity.- Shaping of neurons by environmental interaction.- Modelling dendrite shape from wiring principles.- A statistical theory of dendritic morphology.- Reverse engineering the 3D structure and sensory-evoked signal flow of rat vibrissal cortex.- Optimized dendritic morphologies for noisy inputs.- Part 2: Dendritic computation.- Noisy dendrites: models of dendritic integration in vivo.- Distributed parallel processing in retinal amacrine cells.- Dendritic computation of direction in retinal neurons.- Rapid integration across tonotopy by individual auditory brainstem octopus cells.- Computing temporal sequence with dendrites.- Modelling the cellular mechanisms of fly optic flow processing.- Biophysical mechanisms of computation in a looming sensitive neuron.- Biophysics of synaptic inhibition in dendrites.- Role of nonuniform dendrite properties on input processing by GABAergic interneurons.- Subthreshold resonance and membrane potential oscillations in a neuron with non-uniform active dendritic properties.- A trade-off between dendritic democracy and independence in neurons with intrinsic subthreshold membrane potential oscillations.- Dendrites enhance both single neuron and network computation.- Dendritic size and topology influence burst firing in pyramidal cells.- Stochastic ion channel gating and probabilistic computation in dendritic neurons.- Cellular and dendritic memory allocation.- Synaptic plasticity and pattern recognition in cerebellar Purkinje cells.- Response of gap junction coupled dendrites: a sum-over-trips approach.- Automated parameter constraining of single neuron models.- Morphological reduction of dendritic neurons.- Index.