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The Breadth of Symplectic and Poisson Geometry: Festschrift in Honor of Alan Weinstein

Jerrold E. Marsden and Tudor S. Ratiu, editors
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Progress in Mathematics 232
We do not plan to review this book.
* Preface * Academic Genealogy of Alan Weinstein * About Alan Weinstein * Bursztyn/Crainic: Dirac structures, momentum maps, and quasi-Poisson manifolds * Cahen/Gutt/Schwachh”fer: Construction of Ricci-type connections by reduction and induction * Duistermaat: A mathematical model for geomagnetic reversals * Ehlers/Koiller/Montgomery/Rios: Nonholonomic systems via moving frames: Cartan equivalence and Chaplygin Hamiltonization * Evens/Lu: Thompson's conjecture for real semisimple Lie groups * Ginzburg: The Weinstein conjecture and theorems of nearby and almost existence * Givental/Milanov: Simple singularities and integrable hierarchies * Holm/Marsden: Momentum maps and measure-valued solutions (peakons, filaments, and sheets) for the EPDiff equation * Huebschmann: Higher homotopies and Maurer-Cartan algebras: Quasi-Lie-Rinehart, Gerstenhaber, and Batalin-Vilkovisky algebras * Jeffrey/Kogan: Localization theorems by symplectic cuts * Kirwan: Refinements of the Morse stratification of the normsquare of the moment map * Kosmann-Schwarzbach: Quasi, twisted, and all Poisson geometry and Lie algebroid theory * Kostant: Minimal coadjoint orbits and symplectic induction * Laurent-Gengoux/Xu: Quantization of pre-quasi-symplectic groupoids and their Hamiltonian spaces * Mackenzie: Duality and triple structures * Maeda/Miyazaki/Omori/Yoshioka: Star exponential functions as two-valued elements * Marle: From momentum maps and dual pairs to symplectic and Poisson groupoids * Oh: Construction of spectral invariants of Hamiltonian paths on closed symplectic manifolds * Ortega/Ratiu: The universal covering and covered spaces of a symplectic Lie algebra action * Stasheff: Poisson homotopy algebra: An idiosyncratic survey of homotopy algebraic topics related to Alan's interests * Vaisman: Dirac submanifolds of Jacobi manifolds * Zelditch: Quantum maps and automorphisms