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Teaching Mathematics to English Language Learners

Luciana C. de Oliveira and Marta Civil, eds.
Palgrave Macmillan
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Ann Wheeler
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In this book, the authors of each chapter detail a variety of instructional strategies for pre-service and in-service secondary teachers to be more effective mathematics instructors of English Language Learners. Examples of mathematics problems coupled with sample interview dialogue and/or participant work are included in the text to help readers more fully understand how to implement such changes in their own classrooms. 
Mathematics topics vary per chapter, such as statistics, algebra, and geometry, which further help the reader get a more well-rounded idea about how to utilize these approaches in a variety of mathematical settings. In addition, the authors provide helpful suggestions on best practices in the classroom, such as integrating culturally relevant problems, effective questioning techniques, and employing multiple forms of constructive feedback for student learning.
Educators interested in conducting their own English Language Learner centered professional development are provided various models throughout the book that detail in length how such PD can be accomplished. Chapter 6 even includes a sample questioning framework that could be modified for various teacher needs.
This book is a useful resource for any instructor or educator interested in enhancing mathematics teaching with English Language Learners.  


Ann Wheeler is a Professor of Mathematics Education at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas. Her research interests include the use of children’s literature and technology in the secondary mathematics classroom.

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