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Survival and Event History Analysis

Per Kragh Andersen and Niels Keiding, editors
John Wiley
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Wiley Reference Series in Biostatistics
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List of Contributors.

Series Preface.


List of Abbreviations and Acronyms.

Aalen-Johansen Estimator.

Aalen 's Additive Regression Model.

Accelerated Failure-time Models.

Actuarial Methods.

Additive Hazard Models.

Additive-Multiplicative Intensity Models.

Aging Models.

Age-of-onset Estimation.

Age-Period-Cohort Analysis.

Bayesian Approaches to Cure Rate Models.

Bayesian Model Selection in Survival Analysis.

Bayesian Survival Analysis.

Bootstrapping in Survival Analysis.

Case-Cohort Study.

Case-Control Study, Nested.

Censored Data.

Coarsening at Random.

Competing Risks.

Compliance and Survival Analysis.


Counting Process Methods in Survival Analysis.

Cox Regression Model.

Cure Models.

Delayed Entry.

Discrete Survival-time models.

Duration Dependence.

Event History Analysis.

Excess Mortality.

Expected Number of Deaths.

Expected Survival Curve.

Explained Variation Measures in Survival Analysis.

Exponential Distribution.



Goodness of Fit in Survival Analysis.

Grenander Estimators.

Grouped Survival Times.

Hazard Models Based on First-passage Time Distributions.

Hazard Plotting.

Hazard Ratio Estimator.

Historical Controls in Survival Analysis.

Incidence-Prevalence Relationships.

Influence Function in Survival Analysis.

Interim Analysis of Censored Data.

Interval Censoring.

Inverse Probability Weighting in Survival Analysis.

Joint Modeling of Longitudinal and Event Time Data.

Kaplan-Meier Estimator.

Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Cramer-Von Mises Tests in Survival Analysis.

Length Bias.

Lexis Diagram.

Life Table.

Linear Rank Tests in Survival Analysis.

Logrank Test.

Marginal Models for Multivariate Survival Data.

Marker Processes.

Measurement Error in Survival Analysis.

Median Survival Time.

Multivariate Survival Analysis.

Nelson-Aalen Estimator.

Nonparametric Maximum Likelihood.

Parametric Models in Survival Analysis.

Pareto Distribution.

Partial Likelihood.

Phase-type Distributions in Survival Analysis.

Poisson Regression in Epidemiology.


Prognostic Factors for Survival .

Proportional Hazards, Overview.

Proportional-odds Regression.

Quality of life and Survival Analysis.

Rank Regression.

Real Time Approach in Survival Analysis.

Relative Risk Modeling.

Repeated Events.

Residuals for Survival Analysis.

Risk Set.

Sample Size Determination in Survival Analysis.

Semiparametric Regression.

Smoothing Hazard Rates.

Staggered Entry.

Standardization Methods.

Structural Nested Failure Time Models.

Surrogate Endpoints.

Survival Analysis, Overview .

Survival Analysis, Software.

Survival Distributions and Their Characteristics.

Tied Survival Times .

Time Origin, Choice of.

Time to Pregnancy.

Time-dependent Covariate.

Total Time on Test.

Truncated Survival Times.

Turnbull Estimator.

Type-specific Covariates in Survival Analysis.

Weibull Distribution.

Author Index.

Subject Index.