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Statistics and Analysis of Shapes

Hamid Krim and Anthony Yezzi, Jr., editors
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modeling and Simulation in Science, Engineering and Technology
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S. Bouix, K. Siddiqi, A. Tannenbaum, and S.W. Zucker: Medial Axis Computation and Evolution

P.T. Fletcher, S.M. Pizer, adn S.C. Joshi: Shape Variation of Medial Axis Representations via Principal Geodesic Analysis of Symmetric Spaces

S.H. Balloch and H. Krim: 2D Shape Modeling Using Skeletal Graphs in a Morse Theoretic Framework

S. Belongie, G. Mori, and J. Malik: Matching with Shape Contexts

P. Musé, F. Sur, F. Cao, Y. Gousseau, and J.-M. Morel: Shape Recognition Based on a Contrario Methodology

S. Manay, D. Cremers, B.-W. Hong, A. Yezzi, Jr., and S. Soatto: Integral Invariants and Shape Matching

N. Paragios, M. Taron, X. Huang, M. Rousson, and D. Metaxas: On the Representation of Shapes Using Implicit Functions

F. Mémoli and G. Sapiro: Computing with Point Cloud Data

J.A. Costa and A.O. Hero III: Determining Intrinsic Dimension and Entropy of High-Dimensional Shape Spaces

G. Arnold, P.F. Stiller, and K. Sturtz: Object-Image Metrics for Generalized Weak Perspective Projection

X. Descombes and E. Pechersky: Wulff Shapes at Zero Temperature for Some Models Used in Image Processing

S. Angenent, A. Tannenbaum, A. Yezzi, Jr., and O. Zeitouni: Curve Shortening and Interacting Particle Systems

S. Joshi, D. Kaziska, A. Srivastava, and W. Mio: Riemannian Structures on Shape Spaces: A Framework for Statistical Inferences

J. Glaunès, A. Trouvé, and L. Younes: Modeling Planar Shape Variation via Hamiltonian Flows of Curves

G. Charpiat, O. Faugeras, R. Keriven, and P. Maurel: Approximations of Shape Metrics and Application to Shape Warping and Empirical Shape Statistics